Are there any noise restrictions or specific curfews for live music at weddings, parties or events on Martha’s Vineyard?

-Most of the wedding venues on Martha’s Vineyard have a 10:00pm curfew for live music. A few of the venues on the island only allow live music if its’s unplugged or acoustic. Make sure to dbl check the venues live music policy before you commit to having your event there. We are well versed on all the wedding venues and private locations that host weddings and parties on Martha’s Vineyard so please feel to contact us if you have any questions.


Can you tell us a bit about the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour music you provide?

-We can provide any cocktail hour or ceremony music you can dream up. From a string quartet or solo guitar for the ceremony followed by a New Orleans 2nd line march to the cocktail hour with a jazz trio, singer song writer style, island reggae or even a klezmer set we’ve got you covered. Other options include solo guitar, acoustic duo’s and trio’s, solo jazz piano, bluegrass quartets and our own unique Americana Quartet.


What happens when the band takes a break?

-Typically the band will play two or three sets over a four hour period at a wedding with 15 minute breaks in between. The first set we typically play until at least half of the guests have been served dinner then, we take our first break. This is a perfect time for toasts. After dinner we kick into two long dance sets.  We always work closely with the wedding planners, caterers and photographers to help ensure the evening flows smoothly.


If we decide to have our wedding outside in a tent how do you set up the power for the band and what are your bands electrical requirements?

-Best case scenario is two dedicated 20 amp circuits.  Your tent rental company or venue will take care of providing and setting up electric cable and outlets for the band. If the location for your event is more remote, it’s best to hire a generator company. EventPowermv is a great choice for remote power on Marthas Vineyard, they can provide everything you need. We are happy to speak with your venue, rental equipment company, generator provider and of course your wedding planner directly to iron out those details.


Can we add additional musicians to the band after we sign a contract?

-Yes, once you’ve booked The Keepers for the day we can make arrangements to add a few additional players to the band.


Do we need to have a stage for the band at our wedding or party?

-While we can play without a stage having one is preferred. A stage helps the band command a performance and allows more of your guests to enjoy and engage with the band. Size of the stage will of course depend on the size of the band. For reference, a 12’ deep by 24’ wide stage will be perfect for a seven or eight piece band. We can coordinate with your venue, tent rental company to ensure the band stage will accommodate both the specifics of the location and the size of the band.


Is it possible to see the band at a live show?

-Yes,  We are gigging regularly in many configurations. When your here on Martha’s Vineyard come n' check out the band at one of our regular bar gigs or stop in at one of our smaller acoustic shows, check our Dates page for live shows. 

How do you handle MCing and announcments at weddings?

-We are available throughout your event to be your emcee for any announcments that need to be made. 


Do you provide wireless mics for speeches and toasts?

-Yes, we provide two wireless mics for speeches and toasts. Your guests can come up to the stage or we can bring the mics to thier table, whichever you prefer.


If our event is on Marthas Vineyard does your band require accommodations?

-No, we take care of all accommodations and travel for the band. One less thing for you to worry about.


Can we book your band if our wedding or event is not on Martha's Vineyard?

-Yes, we love to travel! So far the bands played weddings and parties throughout New England, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Boston, New York, Florida, New Jersey and beyond. Please book us at your wedding or party somewhere in the Caribbean this coming winter.  :)


Our wedding is on the smaller side, can you bring a smaller band?

My standard size band for a wedding is seven pieces. To that we often add additional horns and singers. However, we are more than happy to discuss adjusting the size of the band to accommodate more intimates weddings and parties.


Can we choose songs for the band to play that are not on your song list?

Yes, once you’ve booked the Keepers for the day we’ll send you a google docs song list to choose the songs you love.  You don't need to worry about making an exact playlist list or indicating your preferences on every song on the list. Just select the songs you love and we will use your choices to get a good sense of your tastes and preferences. Often at parties and weddings the guests are multi generational. We’ve played lots of parties and weddings in the past and know what music will get a varied age group on the dance floor. If some of your all time favorite tunes are not on our list feel free to add them and we'll do our best to learn em.  At weddings most important is the first dance, the father daughter dance and the mother son dance. Hopefully you will find an appropriate choice on our list, if not feel free to pick a song not on the bands list. We'll learn it or we can play it thru our sound system if you'd prefer to hear the original track.


Can we use your sound equipment?

Yes, you’re welcome to use our sound system to play a special song, playlist for dinner or a sound track for a video. We have all the various adapters to plug in iPhones, tablets, laptops etc… A sound person will be available throughout the evening to help facilitate all that.


Can you play a few traditional, ethnic songs like Jewish wedding songs, Greek Orthodox, Irish etc…?

Yes, we love to play ethnic selections and we haven’t been stumped yet so, bring it on!


Can the band play an overtime set even if the time to stop is 10:00?

Yes, The band will be available to play overtime if the venue allows. You can make that decision ahead of time or at the end of the night to keep things rockin’.